kitchen-ideas10 Kitchen Ideas to make Your Home Stand Out!

Your kitchen is one of the first rooms people see when they enter your home, and it is a big part of the first impression your home makes on potential buyers. Whether you just want to make your home more appealing to guests or you are looking to increase the purchase price of your property, there are steps you can take with your kitchen that will really make your home stand out.

Natural Light
Kitchens that have a lot of windows, including windows on exterior doors, can be bathed in sunlight throughout the day. Those same windows offer you the chance to allow some of the ambiance of a star-filled night to enhance your kitchen as well. If your kitchen has no access to the outdoors and cannot have windows, then consider putting in a skylight to let the sunshine in.

Stainless Steel Appliances
Stainless steel appliances such as the refrigerator and the stove immediately grab the attention of people who are visiting your kitchen for the first time, as well as frequent visitors. Stainless steel appliances are effective because:

  • They glisten in the sunlight;
  • They give your kitchen a professional restaurant look;
  • They retain their look because they are resistant to scratches and rust.

Contrasting Colors
A dark floor and light walls can help to make your kitchen look longer and add more intrigue to your kitchen’s design. Sharply contrasting colors will help to make wall elements in your kitchen stand out, and help to make your kitchen feel more intimate.

All Light Colors
When you are letting the sunshine into your kitchen, nothing takes advantage of that sunlight like light-colored walls and floors. If you paint your floors and walls in the same light colors, they will make the room seem much bigger when the natural light hits them. Light colors also help the kitchen to feel more inviting at night.

Shelves Instead Of Cabinets
People expect to see nice cabinets when they enter a kitchen, but it is the shelves that help the kitchen to stand out. Shelves can show off your fine plates and bowls, and they can also give easy access to the items that you use every day.

Cabinets With Glass Doors
Custom-made kitchen cabinets look great in any kitchen, but they become something special when they have glass in the doors. Once again, you can use glass in the cabinet doors to show off your crystal glasses and fine plates. If your kitchen decor can sustain it, then stained glass in the cabinet doors can be even more effective.

Wall Decor
Interesting wall decor can help your kitchen to become a central focus point of your entire home. Some of the more effective types of wall decor include:

  • Designer plates;
  • Interesting wallpaper border;
  • Hand-painted designs such as flowers or animals.

An Island
If you have the available floor space in your kitchen, then consider installing a full-service island to break up the floor layout and make your kitchen stand out. A full-service island has functioning power outlets, a sink with running water, a countertop for more work space, and storage. Not only will your kitchen benefit from the extra storage and work space, but your island will become a topic of conversation for first-time visitors.

A Decorative Tile Backsplash
Sometimes it takes decorative tile to break up the monotony of a white kitchen wall. If you have your kitchen walls all one color, then you can install a decorative tile backsplash behind your sink to add excitement and a sense of design to the entire kitchen.

Offer Variety With Your Countertops
If you like granite and tile countertops, then you should consider installing both in your kitchen to make the kitchen stand out. In areas where you will be displaying your toaster and other accessories, you can put down decorative tile for your countertops. In the parts of your kitchen where you will be doing the serious work of preparing meals and cutting food, you can install granite for its durability and beauty.

Your kitchen should be the central focus of your home’s decor, so do not be afraid to make it stand out with different design ideas. When you take the time to have the kitchen you have always wanted, the rest of your home’s interior decor benefits.

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