Kitchen Renovation and Design

CMKJ is uniquely qualified to do your kitchen renovation because our build and design process is an end to end solution! That provides an advantage because you are only dealing with a single company for the whole new build or renovation project. In addition to our management skills we also have a team of master craftsman to implement the design and build process.

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Modern Kitchen Renovation & Design

Our modern kitchens page features eye popping modern design and custom cabinets using a wide variety of materials and finishes. You’ll be amazed by the way natural wood materials and finishes are augmented by stylish glass, stainless steel and finished metal materials. You’ll see beautiful cabinetry featuring both natural wood and finishes with examples of amazing wood veneer cabinets with man made accents of glass, finished metal and stainless steel!

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Traditional Kitchen Designs & Renovation

The traditional kitchen page features examples of kitchens with open concepts featuring an “island” for food preparation, informal dining or breakfast nook. Traditional kitchens feature more marble countertop and food preparation areas often with a sink conveniently placed for easy access during food preparation. The custom cabinetry in a Comtemp-2-600 traditional kitchen often features more wood veneer, stainless steel and finished metal appliances with marble countertops than you will find in a country or contemporary design with less of these materials than you would generally find in a modern kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Renovations

The contemporary kitchens page provides examples of contemporary designs that are suited for smaller spaces. Very close to the traditional designs a contemporary kitchen often utilizes an “island” that is multi-functional and perfect for making the most of limited space. Materials and custom cabinetry is closer to traditional than modern in both design and materials used.

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