kitchen-remodelHow To Customize Your Kitchen to Help Sell Your Home for Top Dollar.
There is plenty of truth to the idea that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will add value to your home in the eyes of the buyer. The important thing to remember is that remodeling a room like your kitchen may not add much actual value to your home, but it will allow you to raise your asking price to the point where you make a nice profit on the sale.

While a standard kitchen remodeling project will definitely add value your home, doing a few customized touches will bring that much more value.

The trick is to know what types of customized changes to your kitchen will bring the biggest return on your investment, and to know which remodeling ideas will really catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Stainless Steel Appliances
Perhaps nothing catches the eye of a buyer more than a set of glistening stainless steel appliances. A stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher will definitely stand out in your kitchen, and help you to bump up the asking price.

Since we are dealing with selling your home, you can enhance the value of stainless steel appliances even more by getting features such as an ice maker and water dispenser built-in.

New Tile
The tile in your kitchen is often the first thing prospective buyers see, which means it needs to be impressive. You should consider new tile features such as:

  • A decorative backsplash;
  • A border around the top of the walls instead of a wallpaper border;
  • New floors;
  • Tile counter tops.

You need to find a color scheme that works well together to help bring the room together, and don’t afraid to be creative. The only rule about being creative with tile is to keep any designs or patterns generic, and avoid putting your family initials in tile because that will turn off any prospective buyer who does not share the first initial of your last name.

Custom Cabinets
Custom cabinets also make a big impact on prospective buyers and add to your home’s asking price. Custom cabinets that work include:

  • Cabinets with unique designs;
  • Cabinets painted in color patterns that match the rest of the kitchen;
  • Cabinets with special features such as heavy lead glass doors.

You may also choose to put pine backing in each of your kitchen cabinets so that they always have that new smell. The pine backing mixed with the new look of the cabinets will be a hit with any buyer.

Fun Touches
When you add fun touches in with your decor, you will raise the interest of your buyers. For example, if you have a wall in the kitchen that leads to another room, then put up shelves on that wall in such a way that allows you to still use the door.

The secret entrance novelty can be a huge hit with all of your prospective buyers.

Other fun touches you can put in your kitchen include a breakfast nook, a skylight and recessed shelving. These little touches will help you to add immediate value to your home and raise your asking price.

An Island
If you have the floor space in your kitchen, then adding an island can add to your selling price. An island offers more valuable storage and working space, and it can be even more appealing if you can put in a sink with running water.

You may also want to consider running power to your island for added effect.

Customizing a kitchen to add value to your home is tricky because you do not want to do anything specific that would turn off buyers.

For example, creating an odd floor plan layout or painting the walls with loud colors will take appeal away from your kitchen and away from your home.

You can get creative with your kitchen and make changes that will increase its appeal to potential buyers.

By making an investment in your kitchen with custom ideas, you will get the maximum return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home on the open market.

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