At Custom Made Kitchens and Joinery, we can manage every kitchen project from conception to completion. We have devised key stages into each process to ensure we fully understand the client’s requirements, and to also allow our clients to have a good knowledge of how their kitchen design will look within their home. We also understand that every single kitchen project is different, so we can fully adapt these stages to each client’s individual requests.


In our initial briefing, we outline the client’s objectives and look at the wide range of finishes and appliances to understand the client’s particular requirements and design preferences. We will also establish the timing of the project, the budget and the location.

Site Consultation

kitchen-pgA designer will attend the site where the desired kitchen will be installed and carry out accurate site measurements. We will also take photographs so that we can refer to important details at any time, which will aid the visuals that are drawn up on the computer, to make them look as realistic as possible. For clients or contractors who already have floor plans: we are able to conjure up designs using these, provided they are drawn to scale.

Concept Designing

After gaining accurate site dimensions, we use our computer-aided design (CAD) software to illustrate our initial design. We consider all the points that were raised in the initial briefing to plan the space, endeavouring to create a kitchen that balances ergonomic requirements with a stylish appearance.

Concept Development

During this stage, we will have a client meeting to refine the kitchen design and finishes. In order for the client to really envisage how the kitchen will appear, we present our CAD drawings within our showroom, and we can make amendments during the meeting which helps to narrow down the design during discussions.

Concept Conclusion

Gathering all the points that the designer and client have discussed during previous meeting, the Concept Conclusion reveals the final kitchen design. The designers create high-quality renders revealing different perspectives, the final floor plan, elevations, and the appliance specification; evaluating the final budget and the agreed timing schedule.

Design Installation

At this point, our qualified and trusted fitters, who have been working with Custom Made Kitchen and Joinery assemble and install the kitchen furniture. If the client has their own contractors and fitters, then we can provide suggested services plans prior to installation.

If the project entails worktops and glass backsplashes to be supplied by Custom Kitchens and Joinery, then we will project manage every stage of the templating and installation to ensure that it will fit within the desired timescale.

Final Details

Following the installation stage, Custom Made Kitchen and Joinery will inspect the kitchen and note anything that may need slight amendments to make sure the overall finish is at its highest quality

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